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Acts of Obama Osseiran

History is an interesting pariah. She eats the same carrion, but only the defeated eat the rotten flesh and are blamed for the meal.

Lame Cherry

I was speaking with someone whose father was with the 3rd Army's advance scout team of Gen .George Patton today, in the reality of what were crimes and what are crimes.

The issue of Dachau came up as this individual had a first person account of the cloud of war in being so far ahead of the main United States Army they were like Gen. Sherman's division in living off the land.

When the concentration camp of Dachau was liberated, the Americans who took the camp, witnessed the reality of a work to death camp.
This blog has been banned for pointing out the realities that these inmates were sold there by Ashkenaz elite who drank toasts with the German war machines for the workers there. The Nazi was no fool, in they of course shot every communist Jew they came across early in the war in the territories, as these communists had sworn to destroy Germany often in print.
The Germans shooting these communists were often cheered by the locals who hated these despots who were criminals on Stalin scale.
In not being foolish, it simply made more sense to work people to death than to spend resources to exterminate them. In the German mind it had to balance in the Nazi favor to make things work.

As Dachau was liberated by the advance team, they went on to Hitler's lair as all advance teams were rolling up country without any resistance to speak of.
In that though, there is the question of crimes and crimes, as when the main American armoured rolled into Dachau, they met the same 500 SS troops who were in the towers there guarding the camp. The German Soldier did not leave their post under orders.

Now recall the American recon rolled into Dachau without incident in they rolled back out. What followed though was the American Army after seeing what had taken place in this work to death camp, literally exterminated the 500 SS troops still in camp in retaliation.

Before one goes David Horowitz on this or Mark Levin salivating over dead bin Laden, there are more details in this.

These SS were not the SS who were involved in the camp. Those SS had left others there and had fled knowing what would probably take place. You will recall that the American OSS or intelligence literally patriated  thousands of NAZI criminals in the national interest after the war, and let that many flee to South America or blend back into Europe.

The criminals were allowed to live, but the common German Soldier was murdered. The same extermination of Germans under Gen. Eisenhower has been spoken of in Germans in American concentration camps dying in mass from exposure, bad conditions and disease.

To this day we have the same lies told about Germans as were told about Serbians in what they "did to Muslims" in this war machine effort to destroy Christian peoples for propaganda purposes.

For one thing, the great shift in the Holocaust extermination story means that countless affidavits, "testimonies" and many other pieces of "evidence" are implicitly acknowledged to be invalid and untruthful.

That statement is backed up by evidence as such:

For example, a French priest who had also been an inmate at Buchenwald, Jean-Paul Renard, claimed to have seen "thousands and thousands of persons" going into gas chambers at Buchenwald. When Rassinier met with the priest and pointed out to him that no one was ever gassed in the camp, Renard replied: "Right, but that's only a figure of speech ... and since those things existed somewhere, it's not important."
This blog has always maintained the reality that working people to death is much more heinous than a quick gassing. Yet that reality is censored, as one is not allowed to comment that 6 million Jews were never gassed in Europe, ever.

The nearest Red Cross number was perhaps 1.4 million dead Jews, but when that number is compared to 6 million people in various nations, no one would have noticed a thing about these worked to death inmates.
So the numbers were inflated to give a reason to hang a bunch of National Socialists who really were either equal in guilt as Churchill fire bombing German cites (Americans did the same thing in Japan.) or actually the Germans were civilized compared to the rape of all the females in east Germany by Soviet war criminals.
That number included girls under age and the elderly females too.

That 1.4 million also includes "Jews" who were communists calling for the genocide of Germans and is what Himmler and Hitler were always focused on.
Why is it communist monsters are allowed to be deemed "victims" of a Holocaust when the reality is they were more guilty than the Nazi?

So the question is, what was told the Americans in they murdered 500 replacement SS? Did some orders arrive from IG Farben who like the American Rockefellers never had their businesses bombed and trade went on without any hitches in the war, that the "testimony" of too many common Germans might uncover the real plan to destroy Christian Germany.

PBS on American television actually had a historical meeting of Churchill, FDR and Stalin, in which Stalin made a statement that he wanted carte blanche to murder tens of millions of German males.
FDR laughed at his friend Joe Stalin's comments, while Churchill was horrified and challenged it all.

Stalin backed off and FDR said nothing more of it, but that is the reality in what was set upon by these American communists in FDR which Harry  Truman oversaw later in the rape and extermination of the Christian German nation by passive concentration on the American sector and deliberate murder by the Russian sector.

The brutality which Germans faced after World War I started World War II, and after raping Germany economically and stealing her lands, she had to go to war to survive, and the same financiers were there to finance Rothschild Hitler's left wing Nazi's all to murder Germany.

This blog judges Dachau an act of war, if it was emotional US Soldiers which it was, but there was a reality in who decided to shoot those Germans and cover it up, as that came from Gen. Eisenhower and DC, where the communists were entrenched.

No one though will ever examine this, as the "Holocaust Denier": is slandered on anyone asking the questions on this in what Americans were suckered into.

All of this matters in the regime of B. Hussein Obama, who has wiped out America's good will worldwide, in his rapine, robber and mass murder in his version of replacing one national terrorist for a communist terrorist across Pan Islamia.

The same Andy Rooney block of Jake Tapper reporters are once again overseeing the criminal acts of a centralized community organized regime which is doing the same things war criminals and terrorists are doing.

No one but this blog is connecting the historical dots in the Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran family in the central banking cartel and the Islamic merchants from World War II and the Obama World at War.
That world war was about ending British control of the Middle East and ending German domination of east and western Europe for the banking cartels of Rotshchild.
Now NATO and EU have become this monster of Soviet unity, and Barack Obama Osseiran is setting forth a new order in the Mideast Islamia, while he funds it on American debt in setting up the neo Roman Empire for these same financiers.

Did Tokyo deserve to be fire bombed? Yeah.

Did Dresden deserver to be fire bombed? Yeah.

Did America deserve Pearl Harbor for what it did to Japan by FDR? Yeah.

Did London deserve the blitz for sticking it's nose into German affairs? Yeah.

That is war, but what happens when it is American Soldiers carrying out murder of Germans and are embraced, but when it is shooting Muslims in Afghanistan it is a crime?
What about murdering Sheik bin  Laden's entourage? No crime. What about the mass murder of Khadaffi? No crime.

When this Obama Osseiran cartel have Americans murder their competitors, it is quite chest thumped praised, but when it is a Muslim terrorist they are dealing dope with, then it is criminal for the Americans.

When are the Soviet's going to answer for mass rape and murder of Germans? When is Harry Truman and his regime going to answer for the concentrated murder of Germans?

When is Vladamir Putin going to be made to answer along with Barack Obama's silent enabling of the Polish Government?

When is Barack Obama Osseiran going to answer for his crimes against humanity from inflating oil prices for green policy, Gulf Oil sabotage, flooding American homes, looting the US Treasury, the hoodie terrorism in America alone?

Genocidal criminals have monuments made for them, because the press decides there are historical in carrying out murderous rampages in the world they agree with.

The same butchers of history are the bastard butchers of today. They are the same psychopathy hijacking healthy societies and leaving them with a demented sickness in calling evil good, and good evil.

There are acts of war. There are acts of Obama Osserian.

No one ever asks how many Jewish women spread their legs for SS troopers like Peggy Noonan spread for Obama.
No one ever asks if Anne Franke was hid not for being a Jew, but because her benefactors were racists in hating Germans and Anne Franke was of a household looking to exterminate Germans.
No one ever asks how many Jews collaborated and served in the Reich as they believed in German Supremacy and wanted those communist Godless Jews dead for wanting their German Jewish hides dead.

The rot of propaganda belongs to those with the power to print the money to buy the state to run the media.

Lame Cherry

What are the sins of America under Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran, in the lies Americans are being told, so they can mass murder some group who are stooges standing in for the murders Obama was handing Boeing and Oil contracts to a year previous.

Asked about the photo in the Harwood booklet showing "healthy and cheerful inmates" at Dachau at its surrender to American soldiers in the final weeks of the war, I replied that it is an official U.S. Army photo, one of a series I had examined in the archives at the Pentagon. Another photo in the series, which was taken at the same time, shows Jewish mothers and their babies in the camp.

Quite a lot of my testimony was devoted to the Nuremberg Tribunal testimony of Konrad Morgen, an SS judicial official who is cited in the Harwood booklet. (pp. 13, 22) From July 1943 until the end of the war, Morgen investigated some 800 cases of corruption and murder within the SS, which resulted in about 200 trials. Five concentration camp commanders were arrested, and two of them were shot. For example, Buchenwald commandant Karl Koch was executed by the SS for corruption and murder. After the war Morgen established himself as a successful attorney in Frankfurt.
I quoted from Morgen's description of Buchenwald, where he lived for eight months:

The prisoners were healthy, normally fed, sun-tanned, working ... The installations of the camp were in good order, especially the hospital. The camp authorities, under the Commander Diester, aimed at providing the prisoners with an existence worthy of human beings. They had regular mail service. They had a large camp library, even books in foreign languages. They had variety shows, motion pictures, sporting contests and even had a brothel. Nearly all the other concentration camps were similar to Buchenwald. (Source: IMT "blue series," Vol. 20, p. 490)
Morgen also explained the reason for the terrible conditions in the camps in the final months of the war, which resulted in the horrible scenes filmed by the British and Americans when they overran the camps:

To a great extent the horrible conditions at times prevailing in some concentration camps did not arise from deliberate planning, but developed from circumstances which in my opinion must be called force majeure, that is to say, evils for which the local camp leaders were not responsible. I am thinking of the outbreak of epidemics. At irregular intervals many concentration camps were visited by typhoid fever, typhus, and other sicknesses caused especially by the arrival of prisoners from the concentration camps in the eastern areas. Although everything humanly possible was done to prevent these epidemics and to combat them, the death rates which resulted were extremely high. Another evil which may be considered as force majeure was the fluctuating numbers of new arrivals and the insufficient billets. Many camps were overcrowded. The prisoners arrived in a weakened condition because, due to air raids, the transports were under way longer than expected. Towards the end of the war, there was a general collapse of the transportation system. Supplies could not be carried out to the necessary extent; chemical and pharmaceutical factories had been systematically bombed, and all the necessary medicines were lacking. To top all, the evacuations from the East further burdened the camps and croweded them in an unbearable manner. (IMT "blue series," Vol. 20, pp. 498-499)

History is pariah, she ignores that in records the Germans treated inmates well when not working them to death. History never factors in that the inmates could have been worked to death because the Americans, British and Soveits were bombing medical plants and disrupting food shipments, which were not part of the Nazi war machine, but the civilian and inmate structure.

If Jews starved and got disease from allied bombing, then is it a greater crime in Harry Truman leaving Germans to die in camps with no war taking place?

 Yes, Obama not American and all is not criminal. Hitler not German and.....was that ever a crime or not?

Lame Cherry

 How many Jews was it that voted for Barack Hussein Obama?

Lame Cherry

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